Furniture as a Service

Soon you will not only be able to buy furniture from a large Swedish furniture department store, you will also be able to rent it on a subscription basis.

Subscription models for furniture – is that possible?

At the large Swedish furniture department store, you can soon not only buy furniture, but also rent it. Quite conveniently in the subscription model. From 2020, Ikea wants to offer corresponding subscription models in over 30 countries.

“Second Life” for furniture

The aim is not only to make the use of furniture easier and more flexible, but also to make it more environmentally friendly.

When the subscription expires, Ikea wants to ensure that the furniture can be refurbished and resold through the “Second Life” program. But contrary to what was expected, the focus is not initially on letting Billy & Co., but on the business customer segment.

In a test in Switzerland, a complete workstation can already be rented by subscription. The capital of the company is not tied up and it is possible to react flexibly to fluctuating employee numbers. Quite simply via app.

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