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Subscription Billing with Substance

With nexnet’s Subscription Billing, complex subscription management becomes a simple routine. Since 2000, nexnet has offered all of the features for successful for subscription management. Using a simple interface, you can conveniently manage all recurring payments and billing and we’re happy to do the rest for you. We automate the subscription customer lifecycle for you.

Everything at a Glance


Subscription Management

Flexibly manage contracts and subscription products

Subscription Payments

Simply and securely manage recurring payments

Credit Management

Overview of all payments and outstanding items

Flexible Billing Processes

Billing on the basis of your tariff management

Subscription Solutions

From contract- and customer management, to payment transaction, to monitoring receipts of payment, all the way to credit management, we carry out all transactions securely and efficiently.

All of nexnet’s features are designed in a way that will enable you to launch your business internationally. SOX compliance and the handling of varying tax rates and foreign currencies are included in the standard package.

Our subscription billing offers you all of the possibilities for business models with recurring payments. You set the intervals for payments and billing runs yourself.

Subscription Management

Flexibly manage contracts and subscription products

Subscription Payments

Administer recurring payments simply and securely

Credit Management

Overview of all payments outstanding items


Billing of your subscriptions on the basis of your tariff structure

Payment Types

All internationally accepted payment types including credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, direct debit

Payment Service Provider

More than 35 payment service providers have already been integrated


Fully automated invoicing and dispatch by post, e-mail (PDF) or API call

Monthly Closing Statements

Certifiable monthly closing statement in your desired format


Keep an eye on KPIs via dashboard

Made easy


Free Selection of
Payment Service Provider

Selecting the right payment service provider is a further building block on the road to the subscription economy. Your customers expect – in addition to a great product or a reliable service – the freedom to be able to use their preferred type of payment.

If your company also wants to launch internationally, integrating additional country-specific payment service providers will be important. nexnet currently supports more than 35 payment service providers, thus enhancing your payment experience.

And you want to offer a payment service provider that isn’t yet nexnet’s portfolio? We’ll be happy to take care of this you and integrate additional payment service providers as part of your customized project.

A selection of our connected payment service providers to date.

Your payment service provider isn’t there yet. As part of your project setup, we’ll be happy to include additional payment service providers for you