Cancellation Button

Shown is a keyboard with one key highlighted in pink. The key says termination. A finger taps on this key.

The cancellation button is here! Business owners should know: Customers can now also cancel their contracts online with the click of a button!

Subscription Billing – This Is How Simple Subscription Management Works

The picture shows a person working at a desk. On it you can see a laptop showing the website.

Subscriptions have become increasingly popular in recent years. The new year 2022 also shows that many people are spending more time at home and are therefore taking out more subscriptions. For this reason, we will show you what the increasing popularity means for companies and how subscription billing works.

Are you still buying or already subscribed?

The image shows a businessperson working on a laptop in her office. The subscription billing of the can be seen on the screen.

HelloFresh, Meine Backbox and Adobe are leading the way: subscription models are booming like never before. But even as a smaller company, it is worth taking a look at the topic – because the business model offers a lot of advantages.