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HelloFresh, Meine Backbox and Adobe are leading the way: subscription models are booming like never before. But even as a smaller company, it is worth taking a look at the topic – because the business model offers a lot of advantages.

The secret recipe for a successful subscription model

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HelloFresh, Meine Backbox and Adobe are leading the way: subscription models are booming like never before. But even as a smaller company, it is worth taking a look at the topic – because the business model offers a lot of advantages.

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The wheel was not reinvented with the subscription models, but they have become indispensable in many industries today. Does that also mean a lot of effort and billing chaos at the same time? Not necessarily with these tips and active support.

Why is this topic so relevant anyway?

Subscription models have long been an effective method of retaining customers in the long term. In addition to well-known classics such as Spotify or Netflix, more and more companies from a wide variety of industries are establishing themselves on the market and are enjoying the subscription model. The spectrum ranges from classic publishers to software and car sharing to food retailers, such as the Hello Fresh business model. But young startups are also taking advantage of the increasing popularity of the model among consumers worldwide.

The highlight: Instead of buying the product, the services are used individually and according to the customers’ needs. The special thing about it is the flexibility. The desire of consumers to be able to use more borrowed products instead of collecting physical goods is constantly increasing.

But how is it all calculated? The keyword here is subscription billing.

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Subscription billing is an integral part of the subscription model. (Photo: Jacob Lund/Adobe Stock)

What exactly is subscription billing?

Never heard of subscription billing? We got you! The term subscription billing is a relatively common term in the industry and revolves around the topic of subscription billing, in particular the billing method itself, with which you as a merchant:in your service or invoice your customers for your product. The whole thing often takes place automatically and at a certain point in time, which is based on a fixed schedule.

And what do you get out of it as a dealer?

The advantages of a subscription model and subscription billing speak for themselves: You generate guaranteed income at a certain point in time and in a certain amount. This allows your business models to grow and new investments to be promoted. The cost of acquiring new customers goes down while you can better forecast your earnings. Traditional companies in particular should not shy away from taking the step: a subscription model represents an enormous opportunity to open up new markets and establish oneself there.

The unique selling point of the model is obvious: With a subscription, you benefit from long-term customer loyalty, because your customers receive recurring billing and can therefore also plan their expenses over the long term. So, unlike with a one-time purchase, you stay in touch with your customers. But be careful: Despite the long-term connection, you should not take customer needs lightly! You should pay particular attention to the uncomplicated and reliable processing of recurring billing, i.e. recurring billing for both sides. Recurring billing ensures that your company creates invoices at regular intervals, sends them to customers and monitors payments. This means you can also offer additional add-ons and various payment options – which you can easily bill for.

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Establish your business and your products where the competition is still asleep: Subscription models can be an opportunity. (Photo: Dragana Gordic/Adobe Stock)

Reliable partner in the billing jungle:

But how do you reconcile customer data, payment due dates, incoming contributions and more? A reliable helper in the billing and data chaos is the subscription billing of the , your all-in-one solution for billing processes and efficient billing. It is based on 20 years of market experience in the field of subscription billing and accounts receivable management. is just right for you if your company uses one or more subscription models. It doesn’t matter which exact billing model you use, because the subscription billing of the is equally suitable for simple as well as for more complex use cases (e.g. subscription models that offer additional discounts and/or other bonuses).

The also uses SAP as a basis and strictly adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). So you don’t have to worry about your data, because everything is operated via our own data center in Germany. Manage your subscriptions and contracts very flexibly with the help of the integrated CRM and benefit from various features such as the integrated accounts receivable management.

Are you still unsure how to start with efficient subscription billing as a startup or medium-sized company? The subscription billing of the is the cheap entry into subscription billing. Starting at 99 euros per month .

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