Subscription Management Report 2020

The 5 different types of subscription models. Get the new and comprehensive Subscription Management Report here.

The Subscription (R)evolution in Germany

Revolutions change the world. Like the industrial revolution, the digital revolution will continue to reshape our global society.

The proliferation of high-tech innovations has raised buyer expectations. Companies are forced to further develop their business models. Led by Generation Y, today’s consumers prefer experiential services.

The decision often falls in favor of use and against possession. The subscription is preferred to the one-time purchase. The customer and his needs are now the focus. Not the product anymore. Companies must therefore invest in customer loyalty.

The Subscription Wconomy Is Booming

And not only in the pioneer market USA. The start-ups in particular are increasingly aiming for long-term customer loyalty through a subscription model .

Customer acquisition costs can be reduced and revenues can be better predicted. However, companies that are established on the market should also deal with the subject of the subscription model .

Agility is required to survive in this new customer-driven economy. Both in terms of monetization strategies and technological infrastructure. Customers want instant, lasting value and frictionless experiences. And they don’t care how complex it is for companies to deliver those experiences.

Over 20 Years of Experience

nexnet has been dealing with billing models for over 20 years and is considered an expert in subscription billing .

Based on these experiences, the Berlin specialist wrote the Subscription Management Report 2020 . The report provides a comprehensive insight into the subscription economy. He describes advantages, challenges and the 5 different types of subscription models. Numerous examples of what is already offered as a subscription – B2C but also B2B – give a deep insight into the world of subscriptions.

The report is available immediately and free of charge at



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