Nexnet Presents Subscription Billing At the KM Turning spontaneous buyers into regular customers.

Nexnet Presents Subscription Billing At the K5

Nexnet Presents Subscription Billing At the K5

Turning spontaneous buyers into regular customers.

After focusing on the topic of Payment Clearing last year, nexnet presented its Subscription Billing service at this year’s K5 in Berlin. Increasing digitalization, growing competitive pressure, and above all continuously rising customer acquisition costs are gradually bringing about a change of thinking in the e-commerce sector. With its proprietary development for so-called subscription billing, nexnet wants to turn spontaneous buyers into regular customers. The fact that this term isn’t on everyone’s lips yet was also clear at our booth, however. Ingo Hentschel, Head of Key Accounts and Sales at nexnet commented: “As so often is the case, we Germans unfortunately aren’t the drivers and innovators when it comes to the subscription economy. While the USA has recognized the potential of subscriptions, and the sales of the subscription providers has risen to 2.6 million dollars, we’re still very focussed on the Old Economy. But it’s only subscription models that provide the flexibility that companies need to meet their customer’s demand.” With the Subscription Billing platform, nexnet is among the first German companies that have specialized in this area. And they have already been doing so for just under twenty years – though back then this exclusively involved solutions for the telecommunications sector. Since 2015 however, more and more companies from the e-commerce industry have been relying on the tried and tested solutions of the Berlin-based specialists in credit management and billing solutions.

In keeping with the motto “Made in Germany”, nexnet develops and operates its solutions for subscription management exclusively in Germany. This advantage – compared to providers from the USA or China – is appreciated by numerous German and European companies. But nexnet’s subscription Management services also provides all of the features needed in order to get started on the international market. SOX compliance or dealing with different tax rates and foreign currencies are already included in the standard package.

It was not only nexnet’s subscription Billing that aroused great interest. The solutions for the outsourcing of accounting to a specialist also proved popular with the online-shop operators: nexnet integrates its credit management into a business process outsourcing (BPO) service between end customers, payment service providers and banks, thus ensuring that the shop operators are always kept in the picture on all financial transactions, their completeness, due date, and correctness. All financial transactions with the sales data from online shops, marketplaces or offline sales channels are collated. This is all done in a cross-sector manner and can also be used internationally.

Nexnet’s Payment Clearing service was also popular. As a solution for the monitoring and recording in accounts of money movements in the end customer business, it was above all the certifiable monthly closing statement that results from this that was met with a great response.