6 tips for more computer and IT security

The topic of computer security plays a particularly important role for us at nexnet. Because in our everyday work we work with highly sensitive customer data. Secure IT is therefore the be-all and end-all for us and the basis for the trust of our customers.

Our modern working day is shaped by technology. Computers and the Internet in particular play an important role in this. Many work processes in companies are linked to the use of servers and cloud applications. Therefore, it can be said that the Internet has become one of the most important communication channels for industry and business.

Modern technology has made many work processes easier. But using the internet without the right security measures has become a problem. Because far too often, companies make themselves vulnerable through access to the Internet. Hackers and hacker attacks are reported again and again. The theft of important data and information causes damage in the millions every year.

It is all the more important to protect the existing systems. And the work can only be carried out without problems if the IT security is right.

What does computer security mean?

The main concern is the security of the information technology and information technology used. This includes all of the company’s software and hardware systems. So the computers and network systems that the company provides for everyday work.

In the modern working world, employees use not only PCs but also mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. USB sticks, external hard drives and other technologies can also be used in the workflow. These devices are then often connected to the company’s WLAN network and enable the workers to access internal data as well as the Internet. It is precisely at this interface that problems arise again and again. If access is not protected with strong passwords, a firewall is not properly integrated or a device has not been updated for a long time, then it is easy for hackers, for example, to cause damage.

When it comes to computer security, secure access to the Internet should be at the top of the list. IT security usually ensures that information processing, communication and the processes of hardware operations and the software and program systems function smoothly. This is the only way to guarantee an optimal workflow.

Tips on how to protect the computer

1. Use strong passwords

Anyone can protect their computer at work with a secure password. A password should also be used for important documents. It is important that this consists of letters, numbers and special characters and should have more than eight characters.

2. Perform regular updates

In addition, the programs used on the computer and other devices should always be up to date. IT usually takes care of the regular updates. This closes security gaps in the software, for example.

You should also check whether the virus protection is still working, the firewall is working and the email client’s spam filter is active.

3. Backup of data

Backing up the data is not a particularly exciting activity. But accidental data loss leads to a lot of trouble and stress. To avoid this, regular backups are a must in every company. Automatic backups can be made for many processes.

4. Protect entrances

Not every stranger should have access to the company. This applies to the office as well as internet access. Access to the office can be protected with key cards and codes. The same applies to the digital world. Internet access can be protected with a VPN (virtual private network).

5. Use the e-mail box correctly

Many e-mails arrive in the digital mailboxes of employees every day. In most cases, a spam filter ensures that unwanted e-mails are stopped before they can cause any damage. But sometimes messages with defective content still get into the digital mailbox. An unknown sender of an e-mail is a first warning sign. Attachments of such messages should not be opened, since so-called Trojans that cause damage can hide here. Users should delete such phishing emails or contact IT to clarify whether there is a risk or not.

6. Train employees

When it comes to computer and data security, employee training is very important. Because only if everyone is informed about the dangers and knows how to behave in certain situations can they react correctly. And then a secure handling of sensitive data in everyday work can be guaranteed.

In summary:

  • use strong passwords
  • perform regular updates
  • make regular backups
  • protect internet access
  • Safe handling of e-mails
  • Training of employees in security issues

Computer Security Day

When talking about computer security, one cannot ignore International Computer Security Day. It has been held on November 30th every year since 1988. On this day, the topic of computer and information security should be brought closer to the public. Security gaps in software and poorly protected Internet access are among the modern dangers for companies. Companies are easy to attack via insecure computers. It is all the more important to have good IT that can quickly identify and fix such errors.

The topic of computer security plays a particularly important role for us at nexnet . Because in our everyday work we work with highly sensitive customer data. Secure IT is therefore the be-all and end-all for us and the basis for the trust of our customers. All our systems are monitored daily and checked regularly. We operate our own servers in Germany on which our customers’ data is safe. The colleagues in our IT department take care of this every day. You check the protection of our systems and process inquiries from employees in other departments. In this way, they guarantee that everyone can get their job done.

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In addition to computer security, data security at the workplace is also an important issue for us. At nexnet, we attach great importance to compliance with the GDPR. And all of our employees are trained in data security.

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